EMD SD40-2 Diesel Locomotive Burlington Northern Premium Instructions

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EMD SD40-2 Diesel Locomotive Burlington Northern Premium Instructions

The Electro-Motive Division’s (EMD) SD40-2 has become a railroad icon. Even today, nearly 30 yearsafter the last SD40-2 rolled off of the assembly line, this locomotive can be seen working throughout North America. From Class 1 mainlines to local short line rail- roads, the EMD SD40-2 was so successful that they rival the first-generation, four-axle EMD GP7s and GP9s in terms of impact on the railroad industry.

Our model of this famous locomotive has been designed by new BMR Team Member, Chris Stone. 

For this, our first Locomotive Premium Instructions, we are trying something new. For past freight and passen- ger car models we’ve covered multiple variations  in a single instruction book. But the SD40-2 is a larger mod- el and more complex than previous Premium Instruc- tions and covering all variations and paint schemes in a single book would be impractical. So we are breaking the SD40-2 up into a series based on the railroad paint schemes we plan to offer.

The advantage of this is that we can offer a better build- ing experience with parts list specific to each paint scheme. Each instruction book will be tailored to a specific railroad with details explicit to that road high- lighted on each model. 

Our instructions include options to build the locomotive in either the Burlington Northern Classic Cascade Green paint scheme, or Burlington Northern White Face with White Stripe Paint Scheme. Also included are instructions for various optional upgrades to the model including No. 6 Wheels, Custom Fan Shrouds, and Knuckle Couplers.

Our Premium Instructions Kit contains the following:

1 professionally printed 114 page instruction book with full color instructions, part list for each of the build variations, prototype information, and building tips.

1 set of black roller bearing tiles (12 tiles per kit)

2 black Brickarms Monopods used for detailing

4 black Brickarms U-Clips used for detailing.

8 Upgraded Traction Bands


All you need to provide is the LEGO bricks from your own collection. You can purchase decals to build the locomotive in one of the following authentic Burlington Northern paint schemes bellow.

Decals Available for the EMD SD40-2 Diesel Locomotive Conrail

Burlington Northern Classic Cascade Green Paint Scheme

Burlington Northern White Face with White Stripe Paint Scheme

Also Available

Custom No. 6 Wheels for the SD40-2

Custom Fan Shrouds for the SD40-2

Wheel Set and Fan Shroud Combo Pack for the SD40-2 

SD40-2 Roller Bearing Tiles

747S Couplers used with Standard LEGO Train Wheels

743S Couplers used with the optional No. 6 Solid Train Wheels

Extra Traction Bands


Model by Chris Stone, Instructions by Cale Leiphart

By purchasing these instructions, you agree not to sell,  reproduce, or distribute these instructions. You also agree not to sell or distribute the model made from these instructions.

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