Reading Arch Roof Coach Premium Instructions

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Reading Arch Roof Coach Premium Instructions

The Reading Arch Roof coaches began appearing in the early to mid 1920's with the PBn class. These cars introduced the distinctive round roof look that became a Reading signature, an many older classes of cars were later updated to this look. These cars were designed for short haul passenger service such as commuter runs. These cars lasted well into the 1960's in service on the Reading with many surviving in preservation and tourist railroad operation to this day. In addition to the Reading several other railroads purchased these cars new, or second hand, including the Central New Jersey, Main Central, and Boston & Maine railroads. These cars also feature prominently on the Iron Horse Rambles, a series of excursions throughout its system using four of the Reading T-1 steam locomotives.

See our review video here.

Our instructions include options to build several variants of this car as it appeared over the years. The two tone Rambles version is a perfect compliment to our Reading T-1 Steam Locomotive Kit.


Our Premium Instruction Kit contains the following:

1 professionally printed instruction book with full color instructions, part list, prototype information, and building tips.

4 Brickarms Mono Pods and 1 U-clip used in the underside brake details.

One complete set of Ball Bearing Wheel Sets (4 axles) with black bricks and wheels. Enough to build one car. These wheel sets come fully assembled, with ball bearings pre-installed in new LEGO® Technic bricks, custom sized axles to fit the bearings, washers to prevent wheels from rubbing the bricks and causing excess friction, and new LEGO train wheels.

Why use bearings? Ball bearings provide excellent free rolling operation, much better than stock LEGO wheel sets. Less resistance means the rail car is easier to pull. The easier a car is to pull, the less strain on locomotives, and the more cars you can pull.

All you need to provide is the LEGO bricks from your own collection. Build the car in the color of your choice, or you can purchase decals to build the car in one of the following authentic railroad paint schemes bellow.


Decals Available for the Reading Arch Roof Passenger Cars



Model by Cale Leiphart, Instructions by Cale Leiphart and Glenn Holland

By purchasing these instructions, you agree not to sell,  reproduce, or distribute these instructions. You also agree not to sell or distribute the model made from these instructions.

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