American Car & Foundry Type 27 Tank Car Premium Instructions

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American Car & Foundry Type 27 Tank Car Premium Instructions

Our third Premium Instructions, the American Car & Foundry Type 27 Tank Car!

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The Type 27 tank car was built by the American Car & Foundry Co. from 1927 into the late 1940's. The Type 27 was available in capacities from 4,000 gallons up to 12,000 gallons, and could be ordered with multiple compartments (each with its own dome) for hauling separate liquids in the same car. Our instructions can model 6 different versions. The two most popular tank sizes, 8,000 gallon and 10,000 gallon, each with one, two, or three domes.

Our Premium Instructions Kit contains the following:

1 professionally printed instruction book with full color instructions, part list, prototype information and building tips.

1 Brickarms U-Clip and 2 Mono Pods used in the underside brake details.

One complete set of Ball Bearing Wheel Sets (4 axles) with black bricks and wheels. Enough to build one car.  

These wheel sets come fully assembled, with ball bearings preinstalled in new bricks, Bricktracks® axles to fit the bearings, washers to prevent wheels from rubbing the bricks and causing excess friction, and Bricktracks® wheels.

Why use bearings? Because ball bearings provide excellent free rolling operation. Better than stock train wheel sets. Less resistance means the rail car is easier to pull. And the easier a car is to pull the less strain on locomotives, and the more cars you can pull.

All you need to provide is the bricks from your own collection. Build the car in the color of your choice, or you can purchase decals to build the car in one of the following authentic railroad paint schemes bellow.

US Army Transportation Corp


Shippers Car Line


1920's OCTAN

1940's OCTAN



Hooker Chemicals

Model by Glenn Holland, Instructions by Cale Leiphart and Glenn Holland

By purchasing these instructions, you agree not to sell,  reproduce, or distribute these instructions. You also agree not to sell or distribute the model made from these instructions.

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