Freight Car

Brick Model Railroader Premium Instruction Freight Car Models

BMR's Premium Instructions are high quality instructions for building authentic models based on real life railroad prototypes.

Included with each Premium Instructions a professionally printed book with full color instructions, part list, prototype information and building tips. Also included are our Ball Bearing Wheel Sets. Enough axels are included to build one car. These wheel sets come fully assembled, with ball bearings preinstalled in new LEGO® Technic bricks, custom sized axles to fit the bearings, washers to prevent wheels from rubbing the bricks and causing excess friction, and new LEGO train wheels. Additionally each Premium Instruction may include custom elements such as Brickarms parts, printed tiles, or the non LEGO elements used in the building of the model. These custom parts are included to save you the trouble of going to multiple websites to find each part. All you need to provide is the LEGO bricks from your own collection or buy elements from LEGO or Bricklink.

Each model has been extensively researched and designed to replicate the prototype as closely as possible. Our instructions often include options for building the models in multiple variations based on those found on the real life counterpart. Build the car in the color of your choice, or you can purchase decals to build the car in one of several authentic railroad paint schemes.