Digital Copy: Kadee Knuckle Coupler Conversion Instructions for BMR Models

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Digital Copy: Kadee® Knuckle Coupler Conversion Instructions for BMR Models

This product is a digital download. A printed copy of this Instruction book is available here.

For more information on our new knuckle couplers and a comparison between all four BMR knuckle coupler types see our Launch Article

The BMR Model Team is proud to bring you our latest product. The Kadee® Knuckle Coupler Conversion Instructions for BMR Models. BMR, in partnership with BrickForge, has been working on a replacement for the old LEGO® 9v era magnetic train couplers.

The heart of our new couplers is the Kadee® Magne-Matic Knuckle Coupler. Kadee’s couplers are the industry standard for model railroaders. They have provided reliable, trouble free operation. The specific couplers we are using are the no. 743 and no. 747 O-scale couplers. We feel these two couplers give us the best possible options for adapting to LEGO trains. They are die-cast metal couplers offering exceptional strength and durability as well as reliable operation. They are also true O-Scale, 1:48 scale couplers, which translate very closely to 8-wide LEGO scale for North American trains.

The second half of the equation for these new couplers are the draft gear boxes designed by BMR’s own Glenn Holland and produced by BrickForge. Draft gear is
the equipment that connects the coupler to the rolling stock. These draft gear boxes are injection molded in ABS plastic. We have worked hard to make sure the quality of the fit meets all expectations.

We have designed four different draft gear boxes, two for each style of coupler. These four draft gear boxes give a wide range of mounting options for your trains. The offset height of the 747 coupler is one plate higher than the 743. The S gear box has top studs for mounting, while the Z variant, named for the Z shape of the bottom gear box half, has a tile top with anti-studs on the thinner end.

These couplers are also self-centering, meaning they are spring loaded to return to the center position when uncoupled to make coupling easier.

In introducing these new couplers, we wanted to ensure they were backward compatible with all previous BMR Premium Instruction Models released. To make converting your BMR cars easy, we have produced this insttruction manual for converting all 14 of our first regular Premium Instruction models. Included are detailed assembly steps for each truck style, a parts list, and tips and build notes.


Our Kadee® Knuckle Coupler Conversion Instructions for BMR Models contains the following:

1 Digital copy of the instruction book.


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